Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dear Liz Gately,

Please tell your friends over at Bunim/Murray productions to stop allowing viewers from choosing a final Real World roommate. Time and time again the public votes and time and time again they pick shitty cast members. We all remember Greg, and we all remember how quickly we'd like to forget him.

This season we are plauged by Ayiia, the self proclaimed B I T C H of the house. She wasn't chosen by your elite production staff for a reason. That reason being she's marginally retarded and causes unnecessary drama which continuously ruins the harmonious house dynamic your production office spent hours creating.

I ask only this, to look at history - Jesse Camp, Richard Hatch, George W. Bush (Twice), Kris Allen - Remember these beautiful mistakes before you ask us to commit another.

Love with all my heart,