Friday, February 25, 2011

Beau and Belles 2011 Oscar Predictions

The Academy Awards are this Sunday and we are anxious to see who will win? Who will wear what? And will this weekend be enough to send Rachel Zoe into labor? So while we know some people are shoe-ins (Colin Firth for The King’s speech and who we coincidentally predict for this year’s Best Speech) we thought it might be fun to predict some of Beau and Belles favorite categories.

Who will be made fun of the most? All signs point to Charlie but the Academy loves past winners. We should expect to hear a lot of Mel Gibson jokes(hopefully the one about Mel Gibson, Rabbi Shmooey and the 12 inch kielbasa)

Another category that we look forward to, who will have a white moment? Hopefully Cameron Diaz will stay home and eat popcorn. We predict this year’s white moment will go to J Hudson and sponsored by Weight Watchers.

Who is the most likeliest write in vote? We’re not sure if it’s ever happened before but we think this year might be the first and if anyone is going to win as a write in it should be Amanda Byne’s transformative portrayal of Marianne the ‘priss’ in Easy A.

Best Picture will undoubtedly go to Social Network, only because Ghosts of Girlfriends Past is not nominated.

Can't wait to find out which predictions comes true!