Friday, March 4, 2011

Executive Assistant to Good Looking CEOs

Who are we? Beau and Belle are two high powered/super important bloggers with busy social lives and even more demanding TV schedules. The 2011 calendar has been filling up and they, like Bethenny, are having trouble doing it all while having it all. Beau wanted to turn to Xanax, Belle suggested finding an assistant.

Who are you?:
- Education requirements: 4 year college degree plus two years experience watching The Office(British or American)
- Computer skills: Working knowledge of and (though Beau will retain control as artistic director), manage our iTunes accounts (download desired GLEE songs immediately following episodes - must have at least 20 GLEE songs on your iPod)
- Technical skills - ability to set both Beau and Belle's DVRs remotely (they don't know how)
- Athletic skills - must be able to run at least a half marathon (relatedly, must be comfortable carrying nipple guards at all times)
- Must be able to manage multiple movie reward accounts including Clearview and Regal (balancing reward points and managing medium soda coupons)
- Must have an outgoing personality and be able to make a lot of contacts, preferably in the reality television star space - MTV, BRAVO, VH1, E!, TLC, WE, Animal Planet, A&E, LOGO, and BET
- Preferably from one of the following towns: Beverly Hills 90210, Laguna Beach, or 8th and Ocean
- Netflix membership is a plus (must know movies quotes (at least 5 from Titanic))
- Text response time of under two minutes
- Discretion and ability to maintain the individual’s privacy as well as confidentiality of all corporate, personnel and research matters ie. Not afraid to unclog the toilet at a moments notice