Friday, October 30, 2009


On Sunday Nov 1, Belle will be running 26.2 miles thru the 5 boroughs of Manhattan. In case you can't comprehend 26.2 miles let me break it down for you... Thats 2 True Lifes, 2 episodes of The Hills, 2 episodes of The City and a 30 ROCK on HULU. GOOD LUCK TO BELLE AND ALL OF THIS YEARS RUNNERS!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime

Beau's favorite quote - "Put your hands on me, Jack"

Belle's favorite quote - "What? Do you think a first class girl can't drink?"

Tell us some of your favorite Titanic quotes.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Justin Bobby Puzzle

The rest is still unwritten...

While I'll always have a special place in my heart for Lauren Conrad, I think Belle is right on the money when she says season 6 does not disappoint. Male or Female who doesn't want to be a pair of Kristin Cavallari's shorts??? The girl is smoking hot and knows it. The bitch is back and I haven't seen this much slutty action since I started watching TLC's Police Women of Broward County.

As for Justin Bobby, who would have ever thought that he would come full circle. Here is a man who once made my skin crawl when he appeared on tv, one year later and I'm wearing combat boots everywhere! Justin Bobby is badass!!! From his aloof quotes "here's to truth and time" to his aloof professions (hairstylist, musician, reality tv superstar) - he is a modern day renaissance man - like Hugh Jackman only better because he's American. I love love love Justin Bobby this season, however, it is only episode 2 and only truth and time will tell whether he'll crash and burn like Jason Wahler or rise up from the ashes like Frankie Delgado rose from whatever third world nation he was born in. I think we all agree, we're excited to see what happens.

So in honor of The Hills and our blog... here are some haikus

Lauren, I miss you
but I do agree with Belle
that the Bitch is Back

Wes is a psycho
everyone knows this. So why
do a show with him?

I hope that one day
T.J. Lavin and Whitney
Port, will procreate.

Beau and Belle Spill all the Secrets

Beau and Belle watch a lot of TV. A lot. We're also really observant and over the years we've come to recognize some familiar faces showing up in unexpected places throughout our fav reality TV shows. Below are some connections that we're pretty sure you don't know about it. And that's what we're here for.

Frankie Delgado - The Hills and Laguna Beach season 2: 'Whaaaat??' you may be thinking. Its true folks. Remember the Fight the Slide 2005 benefit put on by Trey, Lauren Stephen and Dieter to raise money after the landslide?? Well, when Talan is singing, we all remember Jessica dancing on Jason's lap (prelude to the infamous scene 'I saw you kiss her!'). Guess who is sitting next to Jason?? Frankie.

Whitney Port - The Hills and... The Hills. Okay okay, yeah yeah we all have seen Whitney on The Hills, who cares Beau and Belle?? Well, I bet you didn't notice that when Lauren goes for her first interview at Teen Vogue, Whit is sitting behind the desk as the receptionist. Hmph. New intern my ass.

Roxy Olin - The Hills and... the City. Oh, Roxy is just this secret best friend from Whitney's childhood? Try again motherfellas. Girl is Stephanie Pratt's former bestie. Think back to The Hills when Lauren and Heidi tensions were at an all time high. Remember when Lauren was at a club with Brody when she saw Steph for the very first time? Steph yelled at her, saying things like "Heidi's my family now." Who was her sidekick?? Roxy baby.

Joe from Elle Magazine (aka Olivia and Erin's boss) - The City and....The Rachel Zoe Project - Mmmmhmmm... you can see him sitting next to RZ during Paris fashion week. He is no joke.

Christina and Whitney: Unlikely friendship - Christina who? Oh, just Christina the singing Christian from Laguna Beach season 1. Guess who her freshman year roommate was?? Whitney Port.

Casey and Doug... brother and sister?!? That's right. Who here remembers The New Girl in Laguna Season 2?? She had individuals that looked like shit, according to KCav, and she spread lots of rumors about Alex M. Well, she is just 8 months and 10 days younger than her older brother Doug Reinhardt, former flame of LC and on-again, off-again boyfriend of Paris Hilton. They share dimples, and a mom.

The Hills are Alive!!

The Bitch is back (and so are Beau and Belle). Wow, season 6 does not disappoint. KCav is the best; let's face it... none of us miss LC. Sure she always had amazing pearls of wisdom well beyond her years, but girlfriend was far too composed and grownup for entertainments' sake. KCav acts her age, and we love it. The scene of her shouting, "Its on bitch!" can only be rivaled by Kandi's retort to NeNe at He-man's independence party "stop talkin' to me or I'll be blowin' up on yo ass!"

I felt gleeful watching Steph and Drina cower at Bitch's presence during Speidi's "welcome back from our phony-moon" party. I don't even hate those girls, but it just felt like it was time for them to be taken down a notch, and we have just the gal to do it. Honestly, KCav is cool and she knows it. She watches Lakers games and wears short shorts with heels and isn't afraid to seduce. I just wish Alex H was slouching by your side through it all.

And okay, who IS Justin Bobby these days?? He's smiling, wearing suspenders, and has eyes that can mesmerize. The scraggly haired adolescent who burps at the dinner table is so last season, and the change is a welcome one.

"This season on... The Hills" totally blew my mind. I saw someone throw something at someone else. I don't know who it is, but that shit definitely did not happen when LC was around. Was Spencer right all along?