Thursday, August 30, 2007

Beau's Poetry Corner - Ode to Adam Divello

A dventurous
D ependable
A wesome
M tv

D iverse
I ntellegent
V irtuous
E legant
L es Duex
L aguna
O pen-minded
Excerpt from Beau's Upcoming LitErotica Corner

It was hard for Heidi to put all of Jordan's things into a box. But deep down she knew it had to be done. It was going to be a rough couple of weeks, and Heidi knew it would be Jordan's stiff cock that she would miss the most. But to get over her break up, she had promised Audrina to go out every night that summer. So that was what she would do. Go to Area and pound a few red bulls, just to get herself back out there.

"We're going to have so much fun" Audrina gushed as she blankly stared at Heidi's new Fendi.

"So much fun" Heidi replied. But inside she already knew it would be a difficult night. Her only hope was to get smashed on red bull and find the first cute boy to fuck. The only way to fill her up, was to literally fill her up.

Area was jumpin' and Heidi felt hot when she walked in with Audrina. "What did you just say?" She turned and asked Audrina

"Right foot. Left foot. It helps to repeat that when I'm walking" Audrina again gushed

Heidi pushed her way through the crowd and cut across the dance floor when she saw him. Black shirt? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Board Shorts? Check. She had met Anthony at an MTV press release, but he was with Chaunte at the time. Well, he was alone tonight and the sight of him in the club was making Heidi's panties damp.

- - - For more on Heidi and Anthony's hook-up keep checking WWJBD - - -

Friday, August 24, 2007

Beau's Poetry Corner


Who would you rather
Buy you red bull at Les Duex?
Jason or Brody

My name's Parisa
Where's my burqa you wonder
At home with Dunbar

Chrissy I'm sorry
embarassing you but we
said no boys, love dad

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Crush, Interrupted.

Two bloggers reflect on the beginning of a new journey; their first blog starring Justin Bobby.

Mission statement?
Say what you mean. Mean what you say. And say it mean.

"Crush, Interrupted"

Belle: Hey party boy.

Beau: Hey party girl. Is anything on our site?

Belle: No I need to brainstorm with you.

Beau: We could post some of our conversations. And I also want a creative writing section. With literotica stories using Real World characters.

Belle: I love it. Okay so... should we have a convo now?

Beau: Should we? Should we use our real names? Is this it? Is this the convo?

Belle: I dont know how to begin.

Beau: I'm so nervous. I feel like Rodrigo y Gabriela crossing the border

Belle: I'm as nervous as Heidi was when she had to tell Lauren she was moving in with Spencer.

Beau: Wow. That such a weird day, she told Lauren and moved out 30 minutes later

Belle: I know. And something tells me she never ended up going to Taco Tuesdays

Beau: I'll tell you who was at Taco Tuesdays

Belle: They sure were.

Beau: ok. Are we done? Was that good?

Belle: I dont know. Should we do that again? Should we post this?

Beau: I dont know!! i'm freaking out!

Belle: Me too.

Beau: I've never blogged before.

Belle: Me neither. Alright I'm going to post it. But lets think of a name for it. Was there any line in any episode about being nervous, or starting something new?

Beau: Crush, interrupted. And umm... we should change our names. What should your name be? I'll be Blade or Bolt. Beau. I'll be Beau

Belle: Great! What should I be?

Beau: Belle? Greta?

Belle: Belle