Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beau's Poetry Corner

If you don't know who
Angie Miller is then I
Feel sorry for you.

Brandi Glanville stop-
Stop hurting Adrienne
Sincerely, No One

I have not read a book
Since getting an iPhone 4
I dream in Tetris

Bow down, bitches

Beau and Belle are back! Here's the dill, after a long, soul-searching 26 month sabbatical Beau and Belle have taken time to grow, reflect and mostly ... find some new tv shows. Which brings me to my new twitter handle "Ryan, your heart is going to explode' #pleasesitdown. Follow me following The Following. Each week I will tweet an Edgar Allan Poe quote which will help unlock the key to decipher where I'm keeping a kidnapped girl. Guys, I follow The Following and I want YOU to follow me following The Following.