Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Excerpt from Beau's LitErotica Corner

Costa Rica was hot and steamy. It was over 98 degrees and Paula could feel the sweat drip down her back. She was lying on her bunk bed when Jenn came in to change clothes. Jenn was from Real World: Denver. She was petite with dark hair and almond eyes. As she pulled off her shirt, Paula noticed Jenn’s lower back tattoo.

“The only thing hotter is this damn jungle” Paula thought.

Suddenly Kenny entered wearing a bathing suit and carrying a pitcher of pina coladas. Paula could always count on Kenny to break any sort of sexual tension. He grabbed Jenn from behind and started grinding up behind her. He was clearly drunk.

“Let’s go swimming” he shouted in his thick New Jersey accent.

Jenn pushed him away. “It’s too hot” she cautioned.

Kenny stared intently at Paula as if able to read her mind. He slowly reached out and pulled the string from Jenn’s bikini top. Her breasts were round and perky with small dark, erect nipples. Now they were both staring at Paula intently. She could see Kenny’s boner take form under his shorts. Paula could feel her stomach grumble, probably from hunger, her body began to yearn.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011


If there's one thing I'll never get tired of... its MTV challenges. And blogging.

Last night those of us who tuned in to the 10 Spot were given quite the treat with the premiere of Rivals, the 21st season of the challenge (21 Seasons?!) Here's the premise: everyone is teamed up with their biggest rival from the show. Sounds good to me. I honestly don't even care who they're paired up with as long as they're drinking, living in one house, and getting into fights.

When the show opens up, the question on everyone's lips is... will TJ Lavin be the host? Flashbacks to his bad bike accident are shown on screen with ominous music. We see a photo of him in casts and an induced coma in the hospital. And then, out of the darkness, walks TJ Lavin. I nearly lost it on my couch, as did the cast in Costa Rica. Sidenote, does TJ hang out with them at night and stuff? What does he do when he's not giving them instructions?

Anyway, happy days are here again, TJ is back. There are a few girls that I have no idea who they are, Cara Maria, Camilla, Mandi, Anna, Luann, Cindy... whoops wrong channel. Whatever, hi CT, hi Aneesa, hi Paula. So glad the regulars are here. HI KENNY!!!

Couple of interesting things happen.
1. CT tells us his brother was murdered and CT got shot in the back which totally changed his view on life. Whoa. What? Hopefully Lala will ask about it on the reunion. He does seem to be better but it is only day 1. Also I really hope its Lala and not Maria Menounos hosting the reunion.
2. Robin gets really Ro-motional when she gets thrown into the "Jungle" because she wants to make money for her son at home. Um, what son? I'm not sure that people on challenges should be allowed to have children unless they're Sean and Rachel in which case they can have six. Who's the baby daddy? If its Mark I'll die.
3. Paula's hair is brown now. Let's go visit her at Rogue and watch her scratch her arms... Anyone?
4. Adam Las Vegas obbbbviously gets really drunk, throws a punch, and gets sent home. After winning the first challenge with Leroy as a rookie. I wonder if he still got to keep the money? I just want to know what the hell is the matter with Adam. He is weensy. What makes him think he can take this big, steroid laden, RW challenger? Adam isn't BMOC, he's not EVAN for god sakes. Doesn't he understand that he has to sit back, be quiet, let himself get hazed by the veterans, and earn his right to be there? You always want to be the Derrick, never the Puck.
5. Who the eff is Ty that Adam punched? I've never met him before.
6. When Leroy's new partner came out and it was Mike I nearly cried. I'm not sure what was more emotional. TJ's entrance or Mike's. I wonder if this was filmed before or after the RWLV reunion where Mike and Leroy had bff bracelets on. Hmmm. Wouldn't it be a coup of they won the whole thing?!

Judging from the scenes we are in for a great season. It looked like I saw Mike kissing a girl, lots of girl on girl kissing obvi, lots of bathing suits and pool scenes, drunken fights, screaming while wearing a helmet and life preserver. I am so down with Rivals.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Never Been Gleek'd

(You may recognize some of the verbiage from Josie Grossie's article at the end of Never Been Kissed)

Someone once told me that to write well you have to write what you know. This is what I know… I’m 28 years old and tomorrow night I’ll go to my second Glee concert.

A Gleek to the core, all of my Tuesday nights were spent sitting in front the TV and downloading new songs on my iTunes. Weekends were more of the same. Then at last, it seemed as if my luck was about to change. The best rhymer I knew got tickets for the 2010 concert at Radio City and we dressed up like Sue Sylvester. But it turned out that no one was else was dressed in Adidas track suits and it was a cruel joke. And I have never fully recovered.

Yes, it is embarrassing to share this with the world, but it would be hard to explain what I learned and how I learned it without sharing this humiliating history.

I got another ticket, my first as a 28 year old, to go back to the Glee tour and find out about Gleeks today. What I hope I’ll end up finding… is myself.

What I’ll end up finding is the Gleeks haven’t changed. There’s still that one George Clinton looking fan who yells at me to sit down during Don’t Stop Believin'. Those girls are still there, the ones that even as you go to more and more concerts, will remain the same age... 12.

The costumed kids, who everyone else knew as the “losers” but I just knew them as Samantha, Marisa, and Zach.

There’s still that one song, with its amazing beat, that seems so perfect in every way. The song you get up and dance to before work in the morning. The Izod center would not have been the same without it. Glee Season 2 would not have been the same without it. I would not be the same without it.

I’ve lived a year of regret after my first Glee Live experience. And now, going into my second, my regrets are down to one. A certain costume was shamed on my path to Glee Live 2010, and although this blog post may serve as a step, it in no way makes up for the public’s reaction to it.

To my fellow Gleeks, you know who you are, let’s get dressed up tomorrow night.

And I would like to add one more thing. I think tomorrow night could be the best night of our lives. And so I propose this, as an ending to this blog post and perhaps a beginning to the next chapter of my life. I, Belle the Blogger, will be at the Izod Center where my friends, the cast and crew of Glee, are performing for the masses. I will be standing in the parking lot for five minutes prior to the first song. If the other fans accept my proposal, I ask them to come get in costume with me, for my second Glee concert.