Sunday, July 17, 2011

Too many names

Beau's having a lot of trouble remembering names lately and it's scary. Not sure if it's from the nitrous tank I had permanently installed in my bedroom or just that there's been a lot of stories this summer. I feel like I JUST got Gabby Giffords in my head and now all of a sudden BAM Casey Anthony. And really this blog is a week late, it should say BAM Leiby. But the point is, too many names. Do I really need to know who Andrea Yates is?? Probably not. I have a hard enough time remembering my neighbors Lauren and Steve. I'm not saying I dont feel bad for the JonBenets and the Amanda Smarts BUT it is annoying to have to make a concerted effort to remember to spell Natalee Holloway T-A-L-E-E. That's another thing all together. Why are all these sad stories about Jaycees? or Caylees? or Haleighs? Here's a helpful tip: if you dont want your child abducted... name her Jane. Not Jayde. Not Amber. Just Jane.

I think the only name that is really important to remember is Lisa Nowak and that is because she was the astronaut that drove 900 miles in a diaper. Who does that?!

Trivia: Who was she driving to go kill? A: Colleen Shipman

The truth is I shouldn't know who any of these people are. Scott Peterson? Mary Kay Leourneau? Amanda Knox? These people are sketchy. And yes I feel bad for Laci Peterson and "Baby Grace" but after awhile it's like, alright Ann Presley enough. You don't remember Ann Presley, she was the Anchorwoman.

It's really obnoxious that I can't remember my cleaning lady (Darlene) but I can recall OJ Simpson's entire defense team. And really, don't you find that everything in the end, comes back to the Kardashians??

Two names you'll never forget: Beau & Belle.