Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jersey Paradise

--- sung to Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise

As I walk down the turnpike in the Garden State
I take a look at my fist
And realize there's no pump left.
'Cause I've been tanning and waxing so long
That even my momma think that my hair be blonde.
But I ain't never crossed a guido that didn't work it.
I be talking all guidette, you know that I'm flirtin'
You betta watch how ya vibin'
And where youre drvin'
Or your Nissan Sentra will be lined in chalk
I really hate to sleep so I got Red Bull
As I take a sip, I'm a Soprano.
Bitch, I'm the kinda guidette little homie's wanna be with
On my knees in the night,
Poof my hair til it's just right.

Tell me whyyy are we,
so tan? You see,
The package deal,
Got us one tan free.

Been spendin' most my life,
Livin' in a Jersey paradise
Been spendin' most my life,
Living' in a Jersey paradise

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What's your Jersey Shore name???

Haven't you always wondered how to figure out your Jersey Shore name?! Luckily, Beau and Belle are here to help

First name:
Guys - take the first 4 letters of your first name, and add "ello" to the end
Girls - take the first 4 letters of your first name, and add "ina" to the end

Last name:
The name of your favorite pizzeria! (singular form of course)

Sooo.... we are Bellina Filippo and Beauello Ferraro

Whats your Jersey Shore name??

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Won't Kill You Bella

- - - - sung to Rihanna's Umbrella

Don't have a beating heart
Dont like to be blocks apart
Baby in Forks Washington
You can be my heroin

Bella, cause in the dark
I drive you in my shiny car
Thats when you get so scared
Girl I can see so clear


When the sun shines, I like to glitter
Told you I will live forever
Said I'll always be your Vamp
Sort of died, But I can still be your man.

Now that your bloods sweeter than ever,
Know that I will hurt you never
I won't kill you Bella
I won't kill you Bella

(Bella Bella, eh eh eh)
I Won't kill you Bella
(Bella Bella, eh eh eh)
I Won't kill you Bella
(Bella Bella, eh eh eh)
I Won't kill you Bella
(Bella Bella, eh eh eh)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gossip Girl Here....

Spotted: Chaunte LeBlanc and Anna Stimson having a massive bitch fight on FaceBook. Looks like someone's going to have to help these two Hawaiians save face...

(The following took place on Chaunte Le Blanc's Facebook page. She updated her status and these are Anna's comments. Chaunte deleted them within minutes, but lucky for our fans, Beau and Belle were watching the action and documented EVERYTHING)

11/3/09, 1:57 pm
Chaunté: Im living for myself and nobody else

2:18 pm
Chaunte: you have to be selfish sometimes, otherwise you'll get stepped on.

2:24 pm
Anna: WOW. You are out of your fucking mind."

2:26 pm
Anna: Betraying someone who has always been loyal to you is definitely the way to live your pathetic little fucking life. When are you gonna fucking GET IT?!"

2:27 pm
Anna: Hooking up with your "friends dude" DEFINITELY something you should be selfish about. Because that's something you would get 'stepped' on with. Fucking whore."

2:32 pm
Anna: Hypocrite. Liar. Slut. Insecure. Selfish. PATHETIC. I can't think of any more words that discribe you. You have a ROTTEN heart, and EVERYONE who knows YOU, knows it."

11/4, 2:15 am
Chaunte: i'm over drama.

Disclaimer: The founders of this blog in no way condone the filthy language used by these two Maui Fever stars. This is merely a report on the facts and not a reflection upon Beau and Belle. But it is... because they got the exclusive. Aren't you proud of us, Erin? You should fire Olivia and hire us.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Coincidence? Or Bunim/Murray staged???

It’s no secret that one of my favorite shows on TV right now is Real Road Rules Whatever. Every year I get to check up on my favorite people and watch them compete in demeaning and ridiculous challenges. Last night they were made to throw fruit over a 10 foot wall. Not to sound all Angelina but there are still people starving, right? So anyway I couldn’t help but notice that one of this season’s storylines felt a little recycled. Like I had seen it before somewhere… and that’s when it hit me.

So what do we know about this cast of characters and their comic book counterparts? We know Wes dates both KellyAnne and Johanna. Like his red headed doppelganger. And we know KellyAnne is Betty, the girl next door with a major crush on Wes, I mean Archie. Then there is Johanna, the Peruvian Princess who like Veronica is spoiled and bratty and sometimes mean to Jughead…oh Jughead. Don’t count him (or Cahutta) out just yet because they may seem a bit “slow” but they are both very clever. Oh and Cahutta pines after KellyAnne! There are just too many similarities and now my head is spinning.

Friday, October 30, 2009


On Sunday Nov 1, Belle will be running 26.2 miles thru the 5 boroughs of Manhattan. In case you can't comprehend 26.2 miles let me break it down for you... Thats 2 True Lifes, 2 episodes of The Hills, 2 episodes of The City and a 30 ROCK on HULU. GOOD LUCK TO BELLE AND ALL OF THIS YEARS RUNNERS!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Love can touch us one time and last for a lifetime

Beau's favorite quote - "Put your hands on me, Jack"

Belle's favorite quote - "What? Do you think a first class girl can't drink?"

Tell us some of your favorite Titanic quotes.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Justin Bobby Puzzle

The rest is still unwritten...

While I'll always have a special place in my heart for Lauren Conrad, I think Belle is right on the money when she says season 6 does not disappoint. Male or Female who doesn't want to be a pair of Kristin Cavallari's shorts??? The girl is smoking hot and knows it. The bitch is back and I haven't seen this much slutty action since I started watching TLC's Police Women of Broward County.

As for Justin Bobby, who would have ever thought that he would come full circle. Here is a man who once made my skin crawl when he appeared on tv, one year later and I'm wearing combat boots everywhere! Justin Bobby is badass!!! From his aloof quotes "here's to truth and time" to his aloof professions (hairstylist, musician, reality tv superstar) - he is a modern day renaissance man - like Hugh Jackman only better because he's American. I love love love Justin Bobby this season, however, it is only episode 2 and only truth and time will tell whether he'll crash and burn like Jason Wahler or rise up from the ashes like Frankie Delgado rose from whatever third world nation he was born in. I think we all agree, we're excited to see what happens.

So in honor of The Hills and our blog... here are some haikus

Lauren, I miss you
but I do agree with Belle
that the Bitch is Back

Wes is a psycho
everyone knows this. So why
do a show with him?

I hope that one day
T.J. Lavin and Whitney
Port, will procreate.

Beau and Belle Spill all the Secrets

Beau and Belle watch a lot of TV. A lot. We're also really observant and over the years we've come to recognize some familiar faces showing up in unexpected places throughout our fav reality TV shows. Below are some connections that we're pretty sure you don't know about it. And that's what we're here for.

Frankie Delgado - The Hills and Laguna Beach season 2: 'Whaaaat??' you may be thinking. Its true folks. Remember the Fight the Slide 2005 benefit put on by Trey, Lauren Stephen and Dieter to raise money after the landslide?? Well, when Talan is singing, we all remember Jessica dancing on Jason's lap (prelude to the infamous scene 'I saw you kiss her!'). Guess who is sitting next to Jason?? Frankie.

Whitney Port - The Hills and... The Hills. Okay okay, yeah yeah we all have seen Whitney on The Hills, who cares Beau and Belle?? Well, I bet you didn't notice that when Lauren goes for her first interview at Teen Vogue, Whit is sitting behind the desk as the receptionist. Hmph. New intern my ass.

Roxy Olin - The Hills and... the City. Oh, Roxy is just this secret best friend from Whitney's childhood? Try again motherfellas. Girl is Stephanie Pratt's former bestie. Think back to The Hills when Lauren and Heidi tensions were at an all time high. Remember when Lauren was at a club with Brody when she saw Steph for the very first time? Steph yelled at her, saying things like "Heidi's my family now." Who was her sidekick?? Roxy baby.

Joe from Elle Magazine (aka Olivia and Erin's boss) - The City and....The Rachel Zoe Project - Mmmmhmmm... you can see him sitting next to RZ during Paris fashion week. He is no joke.

Christina and Whitney: Unlikely friendship - Christina who? Oh, just Christina the singing Christian from Laguna Beach season 1. Guess who her freshman year roommate was?? Whitney Port.

Casey and Doug... brother and sister?!? That's right. Who here remembers The New Girl in Laguna Season 2?? She had individuals that looked like shit, according to KCav, and she spread lots of rumors about Alex M. Well, she is just 8 months and 10 days younger than her older brother Doug Reinhardt, former flame of LC and on-again, off-again boyfriend of Paris Hilton. They share dimples, and a mom.

The Hills are Alive!!

The Bitch is back (and so are Beau and Belle). Wow, season 6 does not disappoint. KCav is the best; let's face it... none of us miss LC. Sure she always had amazing pearls of wisdom well beyond her years, but girlfriend was far too composed and grownup for entertainments' sake. KCav acts her age, and we love it. The scene of her shouting, "Its on bitch!" can only be rivaled by Kandi's retort to NeNe at He-man's independence party "stop talkin' to me or I'll be blowin' up on yo ass!"

I felt gleeful watching Steph and Drina cower at Bitch's presence during Speidi's "welcome back from our phony-moon" party. I don't even hate those girls, but it just felt like it was time for them to be taken down a notch, and we have just the gal to do it. Honestly, KCav is cool and she knows it. She watches Lakers games and wears short shorts with heels and isn't afraid to seduce. I just wish Alex H was slouching by your side through it all.

And okay, who IS Justin Bobby these days?? He's smiling, wearing suspenders, and has eyes that can mesmerize. The scraggly haired adolescent who burps at the dinner table is so last season, and the change is a welcome one.

"This season on... The Hills" totally blew my mind. I saw someone throw something at someone else. I don't know who it is, but that shit definitely did not happen when LC was around. Was Spencer right all along?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Movie Quote Game

Beau's favorite quote - "Excuse me. Coming through. My mother needs a perch."

Belle's favorite quote - "I've heard so much about you." "All bad I hope...."

The first person to comment the correct answer will win a secret…good luck.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Movie Quote Game

Beau and Belle love blogging and more than blogging we love quoting the same movies over and over. Today we would like to extend our joy to our countless fans living in cyberland. So we will share our favorite quotes from a film and the first person to comment the correct answer will win a secret…good luck.

Belle's favorite line : "so hes kind of tall, and he wears tshirts... sometimes?"

Beau's favorite line: "those they serve an orthopedic function?"


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dear Liz Gately,

Please tell your friends over at Bunim/Murray productions to stop allowing viewers from choosing a final Real World roommate. Time and time again the public votes and time and time again they pick shitty cast members. We all remember Greg, and we all remember how quickly we'd like to forget him.

This season we are plauged by Ayiia, the self proclaimed B I T C H of the house. She wasn't chosen by your elite production staff for a reason. That reason being she's marginally retarded and causes unnecessary drama which continuously ruins the harmonious house dynamic your production office spent hours creating.

I ask only this, to look at history - Jesse Camp, Richard Hatch, George W. Bush (Twice), Kris Allen - Remember these beautiful mistakes before you ask us to commit another.

Love with all my heart,


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nuttin' But an NJ Thang

Yo Belle, whats trickin? Its your favorite blogger Beau
I say we take a drive down to Le Chateau
I wanna see 'dem ladies from that crazy Bravo show,
Let's break it down for ya'll, and tell you what we know.

Teresa, hun, what the hell were you thinkin'?
Watching the last supper it was clear you was drinkin'!
You so drunk, making things obscene-a,
be a good mother, and take Gia to Wilhemina!
Teresa so hot, it must be from water aerobics
Too bad her husband Joe is a tad homophobic.

Carolines daughter don't wanna wax no chucky,
Carolines her moms! She should be so lucky.
Caroline's a bitch or so I heard
I once was attacked by her baby german shepard,
until I threw that baby, a damn doggy bone
then threw a party at the classy Brownstone

Hey Beau?
Yeah Belle!
I wanna read cop without a badge
I hear theres some talk about danielles sweaty vag
She so crazy, you hear she was a stripper?
if I saw her in the club, you know that I'd tip her (get a job!)
If she workin da club, you know she gettin tips,
How the hell else you think she paid for dem big ass lips?

Dina's hubby, thanks to you she dont need no job,
Too bad its cuz you runnin' with the Franklin Lakes mob.
Hey Dina, honey, you can't stop Lexi,
Puberty's a bitch, and she's going to be dead sexy
Dina, I love you, but sometimes you need a slap
and that tacky house of yours is chock full of crap.

Jacqueline, you're a sweetheart and your time is in demand,
Quit dragging CJ to your friends house, let him grow to be a man
Jacqueline baby, you are far too nice,
You could learn a thing or two from Ms. Crazy GuidICE.

Dang these ladies sure know how to bring the drama,
It's cool cuz I'm sure they all good mamas.
Watching them at dinner what they need is restitution,
Whatever, peace out, see ya'll at the reunion.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mother Belle's Nursery Rhymes

(To Three Blind Mice)
Three blonde girls
See them on the Hills
They all moved in to scream and fight
They cut each other down with a carving knife
Did you ever see such a sight in your life?
as three blonde girls?

(To Jack and Jill)
Heidi and Spence went down to 'Rica to cash in on buckets of money,
Heidi got sick and Spencer's a dick and nobody thinks that they're funny!

(To Humpty Dumpty)
Lauren Conrad starred in a show,
Lauren Conrad, Season 6 is no mo'
All the producers and all of the fans,
Couldn't get Lauren on the show again!

(To Five Little Pigs)
Lauren went to the market
Lo stayed home
Heidi had some roast beef
Spencer had none
Audrina cried "wee, wee, wee, wee!"
All the way to the MTV Movie awards.

(To Little Miss Muffet)
Little Miss Patridge, sat on a mattress
Trying not to look vacant and dumb.
Then along came Chris Pine and fed her some wine,
And gave Little Miss Patridge some fame.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Queen Belle


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sung to Natasha Bedingfield's UNWRITTEN

I am a blogger
I like to blog
Blog on my blog

It’s called What
Would justin bobby do
It’s in cyberlaaaaaand

Staring at the sweatpants before you
Open up a bag of doritos
Let the taste illuminate the night that you have now planned
Reaching for the remote control on the table
So close it’s almost 10 pm
Turn on your television.
Watch the Hills on your set
No one else can watch it for you
Only you - high definition
No one else, no one else
Can type the words on your screen
Think of blogs you’ve left unspoken
Sing along if you like joking.
Tonight is where your blog begins
Next verse is still unbloggen.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Hello all,

I just wanted to remind everyone to stay safe, wash your hands, and if you feel sick buy some oinkment.



Friday, April 24, 2009

Beau's Poetry Corner

Go Kimberly Go
You are my favorite girl
On this year’s Challenge

Stop crying Paula
You always trust the bad boys
Paula, you’re a mess

I fell in love with a girl named Grace
She was 15 and felt out of place
She moved away, my heart is still reeling
Gone for a year, living in New Zealand

I fell in love with a girl named Grace
She was 15 with an awkward face
To make friends she used sports as her ticket
But couldn’t play soccer, had to learn cricket

I fell in a love with a girl named Grace
Halfway around the world, I still would chase
Her skin is smooth, her hair silky brown
And she hates being known as the new girl in town.

Beau's Whenever He Feels Like It Wrap Up

And now WWJBD proudly presents a news report from Beau.

Heyyyyyyy cyberworld, it’s me… Beau. Crazy and scary things have been happening this week for both Madonna and Beau. Madonna was hospitalized after being thrown from a horse Saturday in Bridgehampton, England. Luckily, she had Jesus there with her. Beau had no one this week when he discovered his father was caught trying to sell him to an undercover newspaper reporter for 300K (and by K I mean 300 knishes). In happier news, Heidi Montag is set to wed Spencer Pratt this weekend at the Beverly Hills Wilshire. Despite pressure from MTV producers, Lauren Conrad claims she will not be in attendance. Controversy erupted this week during the Miss USA pageant when Miss California said marriage should be between man and woman. Beau is over this marriage debate, he’d rather focus on more important news like how Kendall and Kylie Kardashian aren’t twins yet somehow the exact same. Celeb spotting of the week – America Ferrera filming a scene for Ugly Betty outside City Hall. This made Beau wish he were Latino. Did you hear that Liz Gately? I want to be Made: Latino.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saved by the Belle

Just when you were wondering why Perez wasn't writing about last night's episode of the Hills... Belle to the rescue. I prefer lists.

1. Justin Bobby looked absolutely awful last night. As Beau said, "He looked like Adrien Brody in the Pianist." He was disgusting; very reminiscent of when we were first introduced.
2. Audrina, on the other hand, looked amaaaazing. Wow, she must have gotten a new makeup artist. And I was so excited to see she ditched her previous bouffant-messy-ponytail-hairstyle. Yay Lauren Conrad braids!
3. Sleazy T - why have we never met Sleazy T before? I want to know how he knows the group. He was giving Audrina lots of sage advice, but is he one of the bros? Brought in by Frankie? Or... is he one of Audrina's friends, and if so, was he the one who told her JB and LC hooked up???
4. Stephanie Pratt hard at work is wonderful. I loved the panic on her face when Lauren was going back to work after Kelly Cutrone yelled at her. "Where are you going?" (sheer terror in her eyes). I'd be scared too, but its way funnier to watch Stephanie go through it.
5. And I just loved watching Lauren be her boss. Ha. Sidenote, how good did Steph look in that scene with the neat ponytail and the orange dress?
6. Dr Mansbacher. Liz Gately and Adam Divello, you two are just so good at what you do. I love them for giving Speidi a therapist named Mansbacher. It's perfect. And like, can they at least pretend they are in actual therapy? That was one of the more cringeworthy scenes. It's all so ridiculous. We all know they're getting married on Saturday (rehearsal dinner Friday night at Cut, anyone?).
7. Brody's GF - I forget her name and don't feel like googling it, but her face looked like she'd had some nip/tuck, huh? She had the facelift eyes. And seriously, when Audrina was talking to Brody and she asks a friend, "Who is that girl Brody is talking to?" Give me a break, Brody's gf. Like you don't know who Audrina Patridge is???
8. Beau and Belle both wish they were going on the surfing trip to Hawaii.

You know you love me,

Monday, April 20, 2009


So this Sunday Beau and Belle decided to take a little NYC day trip to one of their favorite TV destinations, Zarin Fabrics. For Beau it was a religious experience walking into Zarin Fabrics. He said to Belle, "this is what it must be like for Jews or Christians to walk into those ancient Israeli Temples or what a Muslim making the great Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca must feel."

Once inside, Beau and Belle were struck by the beauty of the place. They almost expected to hear Jill screaming "Fabric Fabric Fabric" or see Allyson fatigued by rheumatoid arthritis lounging in a living room display area.

What struck Belle was the history of the Fabric store. A third generation company that is nestled in the heart of lower east side Manhattan. "I've died and gone to real housewife heaven" she was quoted as saying as she took in the memorabilia from the Oscar winning tv show.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Busted Interviews

The Award for Best Interview on the Hills goes to... Whitney Port
Who: Alixe @ DVF
Why: start of the The Hills spin off The City
What: Kelly recommends that Whitney fly to NYC to interview for a job at DVF and to no one's surprise Whitney nails her interview, once again demonstrating her ability to maintain cool, calm and collected. Key line - "I wouldn't have taken this interview if I wasn't serious about it(moving to the City)"
Favorite Moment - the clackity clacks of women's high heels on the DVF stairwell

The Award for Worst Interview on the Hills goes to.... Stephanie Pratt!
Who: Kelly Cutrone, Peoples Revolution
Why: LC recommended her
What: Total Disaster. Stephanie had clearly never watched a previous season of the Hills and got eaten alive by Kelly. Kelly reads between the lines to see that she wants to use her contacts to build her own handbag line. (But really Kelly, what about hte Lauren Conrad Collection? You're not pissed about that?) The whole interview was so painful. Kelly made it Lauren's problem. Brilliant
Favorite moment: When Stephanie asked if the labels Kelly might want her to print out would be sticky on the back

Second Worst Interview.... Heidi Montag
Who: Dean at FIDM
Why: No idea. She was already accepted but meeting with the Dean to discuss her future.
What: Hilarious. Heidi had no desire to go to school and didn't even think to sugarcoat it. When she tried to reason with Heidi and see if she might get started in retail, Heidi didn't even attempt to hide her disgust. No, she does not want to work on the floor. Also had not read the course catalogue, has no desire to do anything but be the fun party PR girl.
Favorite moment: When asked how she was as a student in high school, Heidi responds with, "Oh I dont' know, I didn't really do my homework. I didn't really like school."

Second Best Interview... Lauren Conrad
Who: Lisa Love at Teen Vogue
Why: It was her chance at her first internship, in the one city where anything can happen...
What: Starts off with chaos. LC gets a call just as she pulls up to the Hillside Villas with her hot pink wheelie. She has to dash to Teen Vogue, leaving Heidi behind calling after her, "I'll be at the pool if you need anything!" Lauren is composed, albeit awkward, and seems to handle herself well under the watchful eye of Lisa Love. She tells Lisa, "Teen Vogue, its like, the top. And I man, thats where I get my ideas for things that I do."
Favorite Moment part of the convo:
LL: Can you write?
LC: Can I... write? yeah..?
LL: Well?
LC: Yeah...

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Lost Shows of MTV

As always, when the seasons change, we are forced to pause and reflect on how our lives too have changed. Recently, Beau and Belle began thinking about the various changes in the MTV lineup over the years. We thought we'd put together a little list we like to call, The Lost shows of MTV. Please enjoy this little trip down memory lane and feel free to let us know if we've forgotten one of your favorites.

Rich Girls
Surf Girls
8th and Ocean
Road Rules
Maui Fever
Laguna Beach
Singled Out
Dance Life
Tiara Girls
Pageant Place
Life of Ryan
The Paper
Bam's Unholy Union
Til Death Do us Part
Wanna come in?
Beavis and Butthead
Celebrity Deathmatch
There and Back
Taquita and Kaui
Meet the Barkers

Thank You

Dear Liz Gately,

On behalf of Beau, Belle, and our countless fans, we wanted to extend a heartfelt Thank You for your continuing service at MTV studios. The Hills Season 5 premiered on April 6 at 10 pm EST, and once again, you've created a hit. A few things I would like to comment on:
1. Lauren's lipstick, not into it, but snaps to her courageous fashion efforts
2. Stephanie's face, did anyone else think it looked bloated?
3. Heidi lying to Spencer while the gal's got ready for Lauren's bday. Loving her sneaky white lies. I felt like I was watching a PG version of Sleeping with the Enemy. Is Spencer going to start yelling at her when the towels aren't lined up properly?
4. Audrina's hair. What's with this color? I don't give her snaps. Bring back the chocolate brown.
5. Spencer's fight wit Cameron. Wow. There is so much to say here, but honestly I was shocked to find out that Cameron needed stitches. It looked to me like Spencer just bitch slapped him a few times. Seriously, watch it again. He had an open fist. Lame ass.
6. Colby + Darlene 4eva - Oh, man Darlene you are a stitch. I was dying when Colby came in and sat down. Perfect.
7. The Montag's house in Colorado. This has always been a confusing aspect of the show. At the risk of sounding awful, I could have sworn in Season 4 it was, like, a one room shed. Now it seems to be revitalized. Could this be the fruits of Darlene's labor when she spilled all in the memorable Us Weekly post-faux-Montag-Pratt nuptuals?
8. Thought for sure Lo would be included in the opening credits but alas, only three girls this season. So why does comcast still say starring Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port?
9. It's nice to see Audrina and Lo bonding over the one thing they have in common
10. Pour some sugar on me? That's what gets you to dance on the bar? You are the trashiest of the trashiest miss. bartender? Do you know what gets Beau and Belle to dance on the bar??? Nothing. They'll dance to the humm of the air conditioning unit.
11. Lauren Conrad's nail polish is so dark... is America's Sweetheart reading Twilight?

Liz, not only did you provide us with these wonderful moments and endless topics of discussion, but once again we were greeted with priceless words to live by from our cast members. A few of our favorites:

"It's just funny that the two people that they burned, are the only two people they have left to call."

"My favorite memories are my memories of you."

"Ohhh you remembered her birthday."

"I know Lo didn't invite her, I'm just trying to be nice"

"Good Luck with that"

Thanks again Liz. Here's to a great season,
Love always and forever,
Beau and Belle

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


After 3 years of blogging, Beau and Belle have decided to end wwjbd due to lack of comments. We thank those of you that did comment and only wish more of our fans could have helped make this site a success. We have blogged with our hearts and our souls and wish you all luck in the future.

April Fools

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Real World? Real Bore.

As the Brooklyn season comes to a close, I can't help but admit the cold, boring truth staring me in the face every Wednesday night at the 10 spot; this season sucked. Sure, we got an extra roommate (and sadly, it wasn't because they counted Katelyn twice); but the even number just created an even split between the roommates. And not in a good, fun, drama conflicty kind of way. The happy quartet of boring girls played cards all day while the equally boring quartet of boys played pranks. Oh right, the pranks! Even the pranks couldn't save this season. Any other season would have included the pranks on their "Real World You Never Saw" DVD as a fun extra. Not as the meat and potatoes of the show.

Let's talk about some highlights:

- Ryan singing songs with Chet going all googily eyed in the boat
- JD telling Devon that she was a terrible singer then making her have sing off against Tranny
- Scott giving Katelyn $1500 so she could stay to gamble and shop at Hot Topic.
-Chet's insanely awkward date with Scott's friend/Chet's insanely awkward audition at MTV/Chet's insanely awkward everything.
- Ryan finding out he was going to the army? Was that a highlight?

That's it.

I didn't see anyone throw up from drinking too much. None of the roommates hooked up. The hot-tub was utterly useless. No pregnancy scares. No phone calls to their signifcant others to warn them that they've been naughty. NO VACATION. This season was so bad that the producers didnt' even spend the money to send them on vacation. Remember those trips? Greece, India, Australia, Africa. But no, no. Real World Brooklyn went to Gettysburg and Atlantic City. And their party bus was an insult to Real World fans everywhere. All I could think about was how Denver Jenn and Colie would have rocked that bus. But instead, everyone lounged, watched scenic New Jersey pass them by.

I like these characters, I do. What's not to like about Ryan and Scott? But I think we all know the highlights of last night's episode were the Hills trailer (Audrina and Brody?!) and seeing that Ruthie is going to participate in the Duel II (intervention anyone).

Cheers to the finale.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Beau's Every Now and Again Wrap Up

And now WWJBD proudly presents an Every Now and Again News Report from Beau

Hola! Bonjour! Konnichi-Wa! Shalom! Guten Tag! Yia Sou! Sawa Dee-Krap! oh, and Yia Sou!

Huuuuuuuuge news for Kirsten Dunst this week, she spotted Beau and Belle at the 7:30 Duplicity in Trendy Tribeca! March Madness officially kicks into high gear with all four #1 teams advancing into sweet sixteen spots. Barack Obama making an appearance on that not funny Jay Leno show. When asked about his critics in Washington, Obama compared them to Simon Cowell of American Idol. Insert Simon Cowell joke here. In sad news actress Natasha Richardson was laid to rest Sunday after a freak fall on a beginners ski slope is Canada. Beau and Belle send their best wishes to Liam, Daniel and Jack.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Beau's Weekly Wrap Up

And now WWJBD proudly presents a Weekly News Report from Beau.

Hello to all my countless, countless fans. I wanted to share with you some of the top stories from this week Mar 1-7. Burrr it’s cold here. That’s because March roared in like a ferocious, bitch lion and dropped hundreds of feet of snow along the Eastern seaboard. NYC closed its public schools for the first time Monday since 2004! Holy Cow! - Princess Rihanna of Barbados reportedly together again with musician Chris Brown. Brown was charged with two felonies yesterday for beating up her highness last month. The unemployment rate reached 8.1% in February, it’s highest in 25 years. Now for some good news. Millions of people everywhere gear up for St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow and Beau will be celebrating at Belle’s party. So buy some green shit and come on down to have a beer.