Friday, September 2, 2011

NEW MUSIC from Beau and Belle


Hey Asians,

Check out the lyrics for our first single off our new album "We survive disasters 2".

It's a mash-up of Cee Lo's 'F**k You' and Dexy's Midnight Runners 'Come on Eileen'

I see you drivin' for high ground
In that FEMA truck and I'm like,
Fuck You!
Oo oo ooo
I guess the power shorting out
Wasn't enough I'm like,
Fuck You!
Fuck Irene too!
I said if I was higher, I'd be so much drier
Ha, ain't that some shit?
And now the rivers gonna crest
I got black mold in my chest
Fuck You!
Oo oo ooo


Fuck You Irene, You made such a scene
From the moment, I felt your outttter bands.
You caused such distress and my basement's a mess
It's so dirty, fuck you Irene

Thought I survived ya, but now there's Katia
People please no need to run in fear
I need a wet vac and not a swiffer
I'd settle for a Red Close Volunteer.

Toora, loora, toora, loora, aye
Irene, I'll hum this tune foreverrrr

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